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The rose: A universal symbol of romance, passion, devotion, desire, and love. The scent of a rose is said to enhance romantic moods, release emotional blockages, and magnify allure and attraction. In our opinion, there is no more perfect choice than the rose as the botanical for February, the month of love!

Beyond its association with love, the rose is also known for its healing and beautifying properties. Its petals, oils, and extracts are said to help alleviate any imbalances in the body whether they be emotional, physical, or energetic. Its compounds can cleanse and soothe the skin, reduce pain, calm inflammation, reduce anxiety and stress, improve digestion, soothe cramps, and encourage sleep. What's not to love about the incredibly beautiful, delicate yet powerful rose!

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  • Mixologie Blendable Rollerball Perfume - Inspired (Rose Floral)
    Mixologie Blendable Rollerball Perfume - Inspired (Rose Floral)
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